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The 17 hours of button trapped in the desert!
Sky F1 pundit Jenson Buttons off-road racing introduction experience might not have entirely gone to program, but how about that for an incredible tale in the 2009 world champion after a day stranded at town…
Defying Gravity…
F1 supported by Miami advancement
Plans to bring a Grand Prix to Miami in 2021 around the Dolphins arena have gotten a boost after the mayors veto of the decision to prohbit utilization of several roads in the plans.
Along with Miami Dolphins, we are encouraged that the County Commission sustained the Mayors Veto, read an F1 announcement. Since Miami Dolphins has done for all its events in Hard Rock Stadium, and as we have done in each town that hosts a race, and we will continue to work with the Mayor and the community to make a Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix a huge success for all of Miami-Dade County; including the residents of Miami Gardens.
Well work very hard to address community concerns in a meaningful way, mitigate some inconveniences or disruptions to nearby residents, and make an event we are pleased with.
Brawn: Ferrari drivers must accept attribute like Hamilton
F1 chief Ross Brawn believes one of Sebastian Vettel or even Charles Leclerc should havefollowed Lewis Hamiltons example and taken responsibility for their crash.
Leclerc and vettel collided at the GP, that Ferrari have summoned them talks about at Maranello, but neither driver openly accepted the attribute. Hamilton, on the other hand, immediately apologised because of his shunt into Alex Albon.
I would not need to venture a comment on who was at fault for the collision, said Brawn.
However, in the cold light of day, maybe it would be useful if one of them will follow Hamiltons case and instantly acknowledge culpability, as the champion did seeing his clash with Albon.
If Ferrari wants to put an end to Mercedes dominance, but not only does it need to provide its drivers with a more competitive car second calendar year, it must also make sure that incidents such as this one are not repeated.
Formula 1 is really a team game, particularly in Maranello.
Drivers react to bonkers GP
Vettel on Ferrari engine accusations
Sebastian Vettel is disappointed remarks swing violently in F1 following the outcomes of race-day at Austin and clinic in Brazil resulted in contrasting suggestions about whether the FIAs technical directive about fuel-flow meters had influenced Ferraris engine performance or not.
Its a little sad that people, I do not know all of the people to start with, but generally opinions swing so quickly now and it doesnt require much, explained Vettel, who set the pace on Friday at Interlagos.
It takes one and a half hours and that which is totally different. And it requires one race simply to make up that. The main factor for us is to focus on ourselves and hopefully give the right response on the track.
Hamilton forecasts 2021 motorist reshuffle
With the majority of the big names of F1 out of contract at the end of next time – like the six-time world champion himself – Lewis Hamilton reckons there is already lots of talks between teams and motorists about 2021.
In this next year we must observe drivers shifting, theres a lot going on, that is happening in the background, every driver speaking to specific groups, explained Hamilton at a Petronas occasion in Brazil. (Full story – external website )
Norris a teenager
Six are celebrated by mercedes at Brackley
Verstappen is hit back at by angry Leclerc
Charles Leclerc branded Red Bull rival Max Verstappens comments about Ferraria joke after the Dutchman implied a specialized directive issued by the FIA in the US GP concerning the use of fuel-flow meters interrupts the Scuderias performance.
After he finished third in a hurry Leclerc ended 52 seconds behind the winning Mercedes, Verstappen said about Ferrari:Perhaps not amazed. At all. About it. After what came out. So that explains what He then added:The piece of paper.
However, Leclerc later retorted:I think that its a joke to be totally honest. He has no clue, he is not in the team, and we understand exactly what we are currently doing. I really dont understand why hes talking, he doesnt understand anything about us.
Hamilton-Verstappen finishbeef
Lewis Hamilton has revealed he cleared the air at the last race in Mexico after comments from both motorists in the aftermath of their clash with Max Verstappen ahead of the US GP.
I spoke to Max before the raceand that I was like,Dude, youre such a fantastic racer, guy, lets crush whatever happened between us, whatever beef, lets just eliminate it, Hamilton was quoted as saying by F1s official site.
Let us go out there and have a terrific race, guy.
Brundle vs Wolff on track
2 F1 heavyweights. One lap of the Circuit of the Americas. Fastest time wins – all to encourage of this Grand Prix Trust and its own Industry Leader Challenge.
Verstappen is a magnet for contact
An entertaining post-race press conference after the drivers were asked whether they tackle Max Verstappendifferently to other people when hurrying wheel-to-wheel. Verstappen made contact with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas throughout the Mexican GP.
Hamilton: Err… yep. I think every driver is a little different. Some are brighter; some are silly by it and others are just like smart, aggressive. And of rushing with individuals through these adventures, you provide more distance and others you do not need to. Theyre quite respectful. But Max, it is very likely if you dont give him distance, so most of the time you are going to come together with Max you do. However, as I said, in my experienceI didnt have a lot of space to give additional space to him. But I do not think it was intentional or anything like that. It was only… hes a magnet for all those sort of things but yeah, yet, I managed to keep the car and in a direct line, regrettably.
Sebastian Vettel:Yes yes. Just copy-paste. Its true.
No problems between Leclerc and Verstappen
Charles Leclerc stated Red Bull rival Max Verstappen after their clash from the Japanese GP and there arent any issues betweeen himself. Together with harm being sustained by Verstappen, stewards chased leclerc for causing the accident.
We had a little discussion prior to the stewards room, said Leclerc at the Mexican GP. He knew I had done a error and those things happen. It was certainly not a big deal.
Vettel: F1 ought to do much more about surroundings
Sebastian Vettel has backed Lewis Hamilton after his social networking posts about the environment, also states Formula 1ought to do more to send a stronger message.
The purpose is quite clear, the German said after Hamilton encouraged people to change their lifestyles. Youd be ignorant in case you would not look at it.
Obviously it is very hard in a sense for us to get approval from outside because we do not have the smallest footprint because the races occur around the globe and we do need to journey – it is part of our jobs.
In general, Formula 1 that I feel should do more, it is a global operated platform. I think we ought to send a much stronger message concerning this topic.
I believe everyone can do something, contribute just a bit and if the whole world would behave like that it might make a enormous difference. I think its inevitable that change is forthcoming hopefully sooner rather than later.
Hamilton trains using boxing legend Chaves
Think about that for a warm-up before a big sporting weekend? F1s world champion Lewis Hamilton obtained together using Mexicos multiple world champion in the boxing ring Julio Cesar Chavez for a few sparring.
Latifi has time to Williams seat
With a single Williams race drive up for grabs 2020 ahead of the impending departure from the team of Robert Kubica, Nicholas Latifi, the Grove teams book driver, is becoming the three Practice One sessions to further reveal his ability.
Nicholas Latifi joins us for its first of 3 consecutive FP1 sessions, said senior race engineer Dave Robson. This weekend he will drive Roberts car, before shooting over George [Russell]s car in Austin. Nicholas has done a very good job every time he has driven the car this season and we look forward to welcoming him getting his impression of the newest upgrades.
Miami GP set for vote
F1 along with Miamis hopes of creating the very first race at the Florida town are put to rest to a vote Monday, October 28. Later an agreement struck to the race to take place from 36, the Miami-Dade County will meet to discuss the proposals for its Grand Prix.
The very best of Kimi Raikkonen
Hamilton on Instagram…
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Combination is praised by vettel
Sebastian Vettel has praised the Mercedes and Lewis Hamiltoncombination and says both team and driver are essential to their continued success.
Mercedes maintained their sixth consecutive constructors crown while Hamilton looks going to produce it six driver titles this season.
I believe Mercedes had the ideal car the previous couple of decades and I do think there are other drivers who could have had a fantastic chance of winning a tournament, said Vettel. But its over that, and it is the mixture of this.
As much as I didnt enjoy the years that he had been winning, especially the decades we were fighting, you have to love the combination. It is not only Mercedes and it is not Lewis, its the combo of the two that have got to the point at which theyre very, very difficult to beat – errors that are very persistent, hardly any.
Thats charge to him and credit to the team. I dont think you can separate the two. I believe its fair to always mention the two of them
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